HighLight FL 10000

The Coherent HighLight FL 10000 is a new 10 kW fiber laser that delivers the power required for a wide variety of metal cutting, welding and surface treatment tasks involving high throughput and thick materials.  The HighLight FL 10000 is based on a fourth generation source which combines the output of four individual 2.5 kW lasers into a single output fiber at a wavelength of ~1 µm.  The customer-specified output fiber on standard models ranges from a 150 µm core, step index fiber (BPP ≤4.5 mm x mrad), to core diameters of up to 1 mm (with higher BPP values).  The laser can be operated either CW or pulsed, at repetition rates of up to 5 kHz.  These output characteristics make the HighLight FL 10000 an ideal source for sheet and tube metal processing in automotive, white goods, energy and other heavy industrial applications. 

Integration of the HighLight FL 10000 into machining workstations and robotic systems is simplified by a range of beam delivery options.  For example, several output fiber lengths from 10 to 35 meters are offered as standard, with custom lengths also available.  The HighLight FL 10000 can also be supplied with various beam focusing and scanning options including collimators, focusing optics, cross-jets, and galvanometer scanners.  Additionally, the output from the HighLight FL 10000 can be split amongst up to four output fibers allowing for energy or time sharing, thus delivering a high degree of operational flexibility. 

Based on field-proven fiber laser technology originally developed at Rofin-Sinar, the HighLight FL 10000 offers several practical advantages over competitive products for challenging applications.  For example, these lasers are designed to be inherently immune to back reflections, enabling processing of highly reflective materials, such as brass and copper.  Furthermore, closed loop power control delivers long term stability and high process consistency in all applications.  And the combination of high power and range of available BPPs allows the laser to be precisely adapted to the needs of a particular processing task, making the HighLight FL 10000 a nearly universal tool for industrial production. 

HighLight lasers benefit from Coherent’s vertically integrated manufacturing.  All critical components and processes utilize in house manufacturing and testing to ensure an unmatched level of product quality and performance.  The modular HighLight product family draws on our broad range of technical excellence within Coherent, spanning numerous lasers types and myriad industrial, scientific and medical applications.  In particular, HighLight lasers incorporate technical innovations with field-proven reliability into solutions that can be optimally tailored for many OEM applications.


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