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HighLight FL10000

Coherent has introducted a new 10kW fiber laser as part of the HighLight™ product family. HighLight products are high-power fiber, direct diode and fiber-coupled diode lasers that combine innovation and reliability into solutions for industrial materials processing applications.

HighLight lasers benefit from Coherent’s vertically integrated manufacturing.  From diode epitaxy to gain fiber and delivery fiber, in-house sourcing ensures product quality and performance. The modular designs of the HighLight product family combine the best attributes from all of Coherent’s technology centers of excellence.

The new HighLight FL10000 combines the output of four individual 2.5 kW laser modules into a single output fiber, reaching 10 kW total output.  Detachable output fiber diameters for the 10 kW laser range from 150 µm (BPP ≤4.5 mm x mrad) to 1 mm.  Operation is CW or pulsed, at repetition rates up to 5 kHz.  These output characteristics make the HighLight FL10000 an ideal match for metal sheet and tube processing in machine tool, automotive, energy and other heavy industrial applications.  The HighLight FL10000 delivers the right power and beam characteristics to cut, weld, and surface treat a variety of thick metallic materials with high throughput.

HighLight FL-Series modularity enables OEMs to tailor a laser for their specific needs. At the full system level, the FL-Series features the option of up to four separate fiber outputs, thus enabling time or energy sharing, and simplifying integration into machining workstations and robotic systems.  The control interface is compatible with industrial standards. The HighLight FL-Series offers several practical advantages over competitive products for challenging applications.  For example, these lasers are immune to back reflections, enabling processing of highly reflective materials such as brass and copper.  Furthermore, industry leading closed-loop power control delivers long-term stability and high process consistency.  HighLight FL-Series products are versatile; the combination of different power levels (1-10kW) and range of fiber core diameters allows for precise adaptation in a variety of processing tasks.

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