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Hyperion MAR30WF

Tec Systems has developed, the Hyperion MAR30WF, a standard multi-axis robotic laser welding cell incorporating a six-axis robot combined with a two-axis tilt and turn manipulator to provide flexibility with eight programmable axes. Such a system can work on large components or assemblies and present them in such a way to reduce the complexity of the robot movement and compress the overall cycle time.

The Hyperion MAR30WF is a standard system featuring a six-axis robot carrying a compact laser welding head from a multi-kilowatt fibre laser source. The tilt and turn manipulator has an integral indexing system that allows parts to be safely unloaded and re-loaded during the welding cycle by an operator outside the Class 1 safety enclosure. For the best welding results, a pipe delivers argon assist gas which prevents oxidisation, leaving a bright and oxide-free weld, which can be coated or painted after joining without any need for post-weld cleaning.

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