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HyperRapid NX

A new generation of industrial picosecond lasers from Coherent, Inc. (Santa Clara, CA) combine high performance and exceptional reliability in a lower cost platform to make a wide range of precision materials processing economically viable.  The HyperRapid NX product range includes 1064 nm output models with pulse energies as high as 250 μJ (typically with 10 ps pulse duration), at repetition rates up to 2 MHz.  This enables high throughput processes, including enough power for the beam to be split in order to run multiple, optical trains within one machine.  The product line also includes high power models with output at 532 nm and 355 nm. 

All HyperRapid NX lasers utilize integrated electronics to produce a highly compact and extremely reliable laser head.  Advanced external control and triggering methods enable sophisticated operational capabilities, including burst mode for higher ablation efficiency, and time and energy control of each individual pulse.  Also, regardless of wavelength and power, all HyperRapid NX laser heads feature an identical form factor, interface, and beam characteristics to simplify integration, and can even operate from the same power supply and chiller. 

HyperRapid NX lasers are intended for a variety of materials processing applications that require high precision, high throughput and a minimal heat affected zone, or which involve materials that are difficult to work using other methods.  Key applications include cutting, scribing, drilling and marking of brittle materials, ceramics, polymers and composites for use in microelectronics, display and solar cell fabrication.

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