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II‐VI Incorporated introduces 976nm pump laser modules with up to 120W output power

II‐VI Incorporated has introduced its 976nm pump laser modules with up to 120W of wavelength-stabilized output power.

Wavelength-stabilized pump laser modules enable ultrafast fiber lasers to operate with very short pulses for high-precision drilling and marking. II-VI’s pump laser modules achieve 120 W of output power while precisely maintaining a wavelength of 976 nm over a wide operating temperature range. Their high power enables fiber lasers to be designed with fewer pump laser modules, thus lowering laser system cost. Their precise wavelength stability lowers the warm-up time and maintenance of laser systems, improving productivity.

“This wavelength-stabilized module achieves 50% more output power than that which we introduced only four months ago, demonstrating our rapid technology advances and leadership in the market,” said Chris Koeppen, Vice President of II-VI Industrial Laser Group. “Our vertically integrated modules leverage both the reliability of our gallium arsenide semiconductor laser platform and our state-of-the-art spatial beam combining technology to achieve high efficiency and wavelength-stabilized output powers over an industry-leading operating temperature range of 20 to 45 degrees Celsius.” 

II-VI’s wavelength-stabilized pump laser modules are available over a wide range of power levels from 15 to 120W coupled to industry-standard 106.5µm core fiber. II-VI’s broad portfolio of components for fiber lasers includes seed lasers, acousto-optic modulators, pump and fiber laser combiners, as well as micro-optics for high power isolators.