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II-VI Incorporated introduces high power laser light cables for blue lasers in materials processing

II‐VI Incorporated has introduced new high power laser light cables for blue laser beams.

The electrification of transportation is accelerating and driving the demand for laser processing of copper, a metal of choice in electric vehicles due to its high conductivity. Copper’s absorption of high power blue laser energy is highly efficient and produces strong and spatter-free copper welds in electric vehicle parts such as battery terminals, power busbars, and electric motor windings. II-VI’s new blue laser light cables are rated for 1 kW, enabling high power blue laser beams to efficiently reach laser processing heads mounted on highly dynamic robotic arms or gantry systems.

'Our new high power laser light cables exceed the requirements of the state-of-the-art blue lasers that are commercially available. We are excited to deliver another new product dedicated to the e-mobility market,' said Dr. Robert Kuba, managing director, II-VI Highyag. 'Our blue laser light cables leverage a proven multi-kilowatt technology platform that will enable us to quickly achieve our target rating of 2kW.'

II-VI’s blue laser light cable is designed for laser wavelengths ranging from 405 to 550nm. It is available with the LLK-Q connector, standard for laser cutting heads, and the LLK-Auto connector, which meets the requirements of the automotive industry. II-VI also offers fibre-to-fibre couplers that facilitate combining laser light cables to achieve longer spans.


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