II-VI Incorporated launches faster laser processing heads with integrated vision systems for precision welds in automotive manufacturing

II‐VI Incorporated has announced its new faster RLSK remote laser processing heads with integrated vision systems that enable welds with exceptional precision that are critical in next-generation automotive manufacturing.

The increasing precision, versatility, and speed of laser processing heads, which have over time increased manufacturing efficiency, are now enabling improvements in the quality and performance of automotive vehicles. II-VI’s RLSK features a new vision system with high precision seam tracking capabilities that enable filet welds, which, compared with conventional overlap welds, save material and produce vehicles that are lighter and therefore more fuel-efficient. Filet welds also improve the mechanical fit and smooth action of closures such as doors, hoods, and trunk lids, enhancing the consumer experience.

“The new RLSK is the culmination of years of engineering breakthroughs to perfect remote laser welding for an automotive industry that is reinventing itself,” said Dr. Robert Kuba, managing director, II-VI HIGHYAG. “The RLSK’s design uniquely delivers uncompromising performance. It is capable of positioning the laser beam over its entire three-dimensional working range in just milliseconds, with pinpoint positioning accuracy based on automated referencing to almost any workpiece physical feature. The combination of precision, working range, and speed delivers high quality welds that can be produced in any direction at the rapid rate of more than 10 meters per minute, the fastest ever for the RLSK. Customers will be able to witness for themselves the RLSK in action at the upcoming Laser World of Photonics exhibit in Munich.”

The new advanced operation of the RLSK laser processing head can be demonstrated at any of II-VI’s global applications labs, where custom processes can be developed to customer requirements. The RLSK is available with an optional internal camera for process training and monitoring. The laser processing heads are supported by II-VI’s popular RLSK Studio software suite. II-VI also offers a broad portfolio of direct diode laser engines, laser light cables, and laser heads with state-of-the-art vision systems for one- and two-dimensional processing applications such as terminal welding of batteries for electric vehicles.