ILM12F series

Laser Components has presented the ILM12F series, a focusable industrial laser module with enhanced features from the company's standard laser diode modules.

The ILM12F series is built into a threaded housing for an M12x1 fit. This feature allows users to screw the laser directly into structures or brackets with M12x1 thread holes. The connector is a four-pin M12 connector which provides a secure and sealed fit to prevent dust and water ingress.

The laser modules are rated to IP54 to allow operation in dusty or wet environments, such as ship building yards, saw mills, and metal foundries. The ILM12F series can be built to produce a dot, line, or crosshair pattern. Furthermore, to enhance visibility in different environments, the laser modules are available in both red and green. They are operated simply by applying 4.5-30VDC (10-30VDC for green) to the laser.

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