Inkcups introduces new CO2 laser marking machine: Cobalt PRO

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Global printing firm Inkcups has released a new laser plate-maker: the Cobalt PRO.

The Cobalt PRO is an advanced CO2 laser plate-maker equipped with a 40W ceramic core laser, making it the highest wattage laser power available in the Inkcups Cobalt line.

The Cobalt PRO can be used to etch plates including DuraLaze and exposed polymer. In addition to creating plates for pad printing, this 40W laser can be used for engraving a variety of substrates such as plastic and wood. 

The Cobalt PRO is designed for small shops that need both a laser etching machine and a plate maker. With CO2 laser technology and an etching area of 440mm x 620mm (17 in x 24 in), the machine can produce large and bold high-resolution images of up to 1,500 dpi on the largest variety plates or on multiple plates at once, offering businesses a diversity of options and time savings. Maintenance on the Cobalt PRO is also extremely easy to perform with regards to cleaning optics and moving parts.

A critical feature on the Cobalt PRO is the closed-loop DC servo motor, which ensures greater continuous shaft power at higher speeds than competitive lasers. This feature provides greater accuracy (0.254 mm or 0.1%) due to the continuous movement, rather than constant starting and stopping. The AutoFocus operations control feature works to adjust the Cobalt PRO to the precise focal point on the engraving area, giving businesses accurate results.

'We are thrilled to roll out our newest laser plate-maker in our Cobalt line,' said Travis Griffin, Pad Printing Technical Sales Manager at Inkcups. 'The Cobalt PRO is the best state-of-the-art machine for big and small businesses in need of a faster, more robust laser plate maker and etching machine to create high-quality, eye-catching images on products.'

Build-wise, the Cobalt PRO features a 4-line LCD display panel showing current file name, total working time, laser power, engraving speeds, and more. Its compatible plate materials are DuraLaze, CrystaLaze, Laser Aqua, Laser Red, and Laser Orange. Additional features include:

  • Marker - for quick and precise positioning of artwork
  • Job Queue - save etching parameters with unique names for quick call up
  • Guidelines - drag and drop for easy registration
  • Repeat function - simply with one push of a button

The Cobalt PRO is now available for order worldwide.  







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