Integrex i-200S AM

Mazak has expanded its Hybrid Multi-Tasking machine technology with the introduction of the Integrex i-200S AM (additive manufacturing). With an innovative multi-laser deposition system, the machine provides both additive and subtractive capabilities. The machine has the ability to turn, mill, drill, build part features and perform laser marking in single setups.

In addition to its two turning spindles and milling turret, the Integrex i-200S AM features dual laser cladding heads/additive manufacturing nozzles that provide options for both high and fine rates of metal deposition. The two cladding heads complement each other much like roughing and finishing tools work together in common chip making operations. The cladding heads reside in the tool magazine with the machine’s automatic tool changer that loads and unloads them from the milling turret as needed.

Once part features are grown to near net shapes, the Integrex i-200S AM applies one or more of its advanced subtractive operations, including full five-axis milling, turning, hobbing and contouring, to process the part.

Analysis and opinion

By Dave MacLellan, Executive Director, AILU


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