Interference filters

Laser Components, alongside its partner Omega Optical, offers a series of interference filters optimised for biomedicine and clinical chemistry. Two basic versions are offered, each featuring an excellent signal-to-noise ratio at competitive prices.

The filters are ideal for attenuating scattered energy before it reaches a detector, improving critical signal-to-noise ratio. The first standard type has a full width half maximum of 8nm, and was developed according to industry standards, exhibiting a suppression ratio of 1:100,000. The OD5 blocking depth of the new filters is superior to conventional interference filters.
Laser Components also provides a narrower bandpass filter with a 3nm full width half maximum, offering a higher degree of selectivity and therefore more precise measurement results. The 3nm variant also features an optical density of OD5 with a peak transmission of more than 90 per cent.

These filters are available in standard diameters of 10mm, 12.7mm and 15mm, with custom sizes available upon request.


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