Jenoptik and Raylase sign cooperation agreement in China

The Jenoptik subsidiary in China, JENOPTIK (Shanghai) Precision Instrument and Equipment Co., Ltd and RAYLASE Laser Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd have agreed upon a close cooperation in the field of scanner-based ultra-short pulse laser applications exclusively in China. This cooperation strategically aims at meeting the increasing demand for system solutions and application-based developments in China. It was announced at the trade fair LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA in Shanghai on March 15, 2016.

Both partners expect a higher customer satisfaction and a further expansion of their market positions by bringing more benefit to the growing Chinese laser processing industry. Supported by the technical expertise of both partners customers will be able to benefit from the joint know-how allowing a faster development of their applications.

Both companies will be able to support customers with an application system in the new Shenzhen facilities of RAYLASE. The system will feature Jenoptik’s new JenLas® femto 16 laser and RAYLASE’s latest scanning system. Both products are ideally suitable for micro-material processing with ultra-short laser pulses. Jenoptik and RAYLASE will also mirror the Shenzhen setup in Jenoptik’s Shanghai application lab. This will increase the availability and offer potential customers in China’s eastern industrial region a close-by support.

Jenoptik has more than 100 employees all over China, the majority of them are working at the Shanghai location. This state-of-the-art site includes a large production area for standard products, customer projects, service centers with repair workshops as well as R&D functions in order to serve Chinese customers.

Laser technology for industrial micro-machining

Jenoptik has manufactured lasers for industrial and medical applications for several decades and presented one of the first femtosecond lasers for industrial use in the market ten years ago.

This year Jenoptik introduced the 16-W version as the new top model of its established JenLas® femto series for industrial micro-machining. The JenLas® femto 16 features a pulse energy up to 80 microjoules, a free and quickly adjustable pulse repetition rate from 100 to 510 kilohertz, single shot ability, an internal SHG option (THG on request) and reliable operation at up to 35°C ambient temperature.

The performance of this femtosecond laser is ideal for drilling injection nozzles and also provides a high productivity in cutting and structuring processes, at higher material removal rates compared to picosecond pulses. In addition, the outstanding quality of machining achievable with this disk laser yields cost reduction at subsequent cleaning steps.

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