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Jenoptik expands fused silica lens portfolio for materials processing applications

Jenoptik has expanded its fused silica lens portfolio for high-power laser applications. The lenses feature low-absorption fused-silica, an optimised coating and improved reflex positions, enabling them to be used with ultrashort laser pulses.

For example, the firm's new F-theta lens for 355nm applications is particularly well suited to high-volume series production in microtechnology, microsystems technology, and the consumer electronics sector. This short-focus lens enables a small spot diameter in a scan field of 22mm. Depending on the application, spot sizes of up to 4.5μm can be realised.

In addition, another F-theta lens has been designed for 515–540nm applications, for manufacturing methods using high-energy fibre lasers and disk lasers with a high beam quality. In this wavelength range, the lens can also be used specifically to process copper and brass, for example for processing electronic components and circuit boards, or for additive manufacturing. With a focal length of 115mm, workpieces can be processed in a scan field of up to 71mm.

Jenoptik has also released a lens for applications in the wavelength range of 1,030-1,080nm. The new optic is designed for marking, structuring, and engraving plastics and metals, and for structuring solar cells. It has a large scan field of 254 x 254mm and a focal length of 347mm, and is optimised for back reflections.

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