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K-vision system

Kern Lasers has added k-vision to its current line of laser systems. The optional k-vision package is a fully integrated hardware and software solution that allows for accurate cutting of printed materials. This process starts with a nozzle mounted camera which automatically measures the dimensions between registration marks on printed materials. The system then uses these measurements and the registration marks of the original cutting file to compensate for distortion and rotation. The slight adjustments that k-vision makes to the cutting file results in a perfectly matched cutout in the material being processed.

The entire camera system can be easily removed and stored in a protective box when not in use. The k-vision option is compatible with the entire Kern laser system lineup. In addition, all of the company’s laser systems can now be equipped with a 250W laser source. This new laser is capable of cutting up to 0.125-inch mild steel, 0.040-inch stainless steel, 3-inch foam, 1-inch acrylic with a fire polished edge, as well as 1-inch wood.

The 250W laser gives customers an option that fits between the 150W and 400W lasers. This new laser is also lighter and starts at a lower price point than a 400W, while still capable of cutting thick acrylic and light gauge steel and aluminium. The 250W laser will come standard with a full two year warranty.

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