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Kentek new acrylic windows and CE marking

Laser Components has announced that Kentek now has CE marking for most of its products, which allows the firm to offer them to the UK and EU markets. Kentek have also released two, new low- cost polymer windows to its already competitive range.

As the authorised distributor for the UK and Ireland, Laser Components is able to provide an extensive range of laser safety products to meet a wide variety of requirements and applications, including safety curtains, portable barriers, safety glasses, acrylic windows and more.

The new low cost ACR-A and ACR-VP acrylic windows are available in a wide variety of filters, standard stocked and custom sizes upon request at highly competitive rates.

Features include a 30 per cent impact modifier added for impact resistance Z87, enhanced optical clarity, ideal for thermoforming and machining, improved colour recognition, surface toughness improved for scratch resistance, uniform thickness and UV resistant.

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