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LAS 260

ULT AG introduces a conductive version to its device series LAS 260. The new system is ideally suited for extraction and filtration tasks in processing materials that may generate easily inflammable or explosive dust/air mixtures, for instance titanium.

These gas mixtures mean special challenges for capture and filtration. A specifically developed device and filter concept was required to prevent additional ignition sources within the fume extraction system. Within the new LAS 260, both filter modules (F9, H14) are grounded. In addition, the electronic components are specially designed and integrated.

The LAS 260 extraction and filtration system was developed for the removal of airborne pollutants occurring in material processing by means of laser or welding technologies. Thanks to a specifically configured device concept, users are provided with an economic solution for cost savings in the long-term with regard to filter exchange and energy management.

Its mobile and versatile system concept allows the new LAS 260 to be utilized at changing working stations. Furthermore, it is suited for applications in production lines.

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