LAS 260.HD 19 W3 filtration system

Filtration system vendor ULT has extended its LAS 260 device by developing a new extraction system for laser and welding fumes, the LAS 260.HD 19 W3. The portable device meets the certification requirements according to DIN EN ISO15012-1 welding fume separation class W3.

The LAS 260.HD19 W3 is qualified for extraction and filtration of fumes that occur in cutting and joining alloyed as well as unalloyed steels by welding and related processes. This includes high-alloyed chrome and nickel steels. In accordance with the German air purification regulations TRGS 560 and TRGS 528, cleaned air can be returned to the working environment.

The system extension provides a volume flow rate of up to 340m³/h at a vacuum max of 8,300Pa. Long filter lives are guaranteed by the use of an F9 filter cassette and F14 particle filter cassette. Consequently, users obtain an economic solution to reduce costs in terms of filter exchange and energy management.

ULT has also further developed its LAS 2500 extraction and filtration system for removal of laser fume and laser dust. The system uses conic filter cartridges, thereby enabling increased filter performance and pressure, and independent pneumatic cleaning due to the filter cartridge’s design layout. These high quality filter units are dust grade M compliant with DIN EN 60335-2-69:2008e, ensuring high separation efficiency for various particulate matters of more than 99.99 per cent.

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