Laser Castle and Laser Jailer

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Laser Castle – Laser Safety Cabins
Laser Castle
is a rapid-build, modular system for laser safety cabins providing laser radiation protection from multi-kW lasers used for welding, cutting and cladding.  These Class 1 laser enclosures are built from a modular concept, which is now available in a range of standard sizes to enable customers to benefit from even lower prices.  The cabins are fully installed with laser safety interlock control, dual message, dual colour LED warning signs and are certified to conform to the relevant laser safety standard BS EN IEC 60825-1.

Live demonstration

The cabin walls and roof are constructed from a specially formulated material which is able to absorb tremendous energy from multi-kW lasers.  An example is shown on test using a 5kW laser where the absorption takes place over five minutes and still does not penetrate the far side of the panel. Although smoke is produced during the test the actual integrity of the wall panel on test remains intact.  In reality, smoke detectors would switch off the laser long before the five minutes .  The modular construction means that these units can be constructed in a day (two maximum including integration of ancilliary devices).

Already in use worldwide

Currently installed in numerous countries worldwide, the Laser Castle is already providing certified laser radiation protection for many personnel.  Employers and those responsible for Health and Safety can confirm they have taken the appropriate steps to ensure the safety of their staff by using these cost-effective, Class 1 laser safety cabins.

Active Guarding – Laser Jailer for modular build cabins

For even higher powered lasers – (for example 6kW to 20kW and more) there is really only one option which is failsafe for modular enclosures, and that is the patented, active guarding system called Laser Jailer.  Laser Castles can be upgraded to incorporate this active system.

How much laser power can it handle?

An example of one of the highest powered lasers being housed within a Laser Castle, is the one where the cabin contains a 20kW laser at the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in Coventry, UK.  This installation incorporates the active guarding system, Laser Jailer, which provides protection by switching off the laser immediately if the walls, roof or doors are struck by the laser beam.  The internals of the enclosure are covered with active sensor tiles which are connected to the interlock controller ICS-6.  The active guarding system works by using the interlock controller to isolate the laser safety input on the laser within 50ms of a laser strike. This is a failsafe system which is patented by Lasermet.  (See for more details and to see the video).

Active Laser Safety Filter Windows - Glaser Jailer

There are two options to observe the laser working within the cabin environment.  One is to use High Definition Closed Circuit TV cameras with external monitors – all incorporated into the cabin.  The other is to select the active filter window option called “Glaser Jailer” which can be incorporated into the door in a standard configuration. This active guarding window includes a filter window to suit the appropriate wavelength of the laser and an active layer within the window that provides the sensor to immediately switch off the laser.  Glaser Jailer is also covered by the same patent as Laser Jailer (See