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Laser diode heating increases productivity in LSG cutting

At Vitrum 2021 in Milan The HEGA Group is showing the ProLam LSR, a newly developed cutting system for laminated safety glass equipped for the first time with the time-saving laser diode heating system as a machine in series production.

“Productivity in LSG cutting can be increased by twenty per cent or more with the new heating process,” said HEGLA Managing Director Bernhard Hötger, emphasising one of the advantages of the new technology.

The laser applies the bundled heating energy precisely to the cutting contour, reaching the PVB inerlayer’s transformation temperature much more quickly than the usual heating tubes.

The laser beam weakens only slightly as it passes through the interlayer, so that even demanding glass laminates of up to ten-ply interlayer can be separated with shorter processing times.

The new process also has a positive effect on edge quality: the interlayer remains cold outside the cutting area, thus preventing later delamination and enabling additional cuts without cooling times. The system reduces energy costs as well. “The laser diode strip has a divided design, automatically adjusts to the cutting length, and requires only a short boot-up time,” Bernhard Hötger added.

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