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Laser Lines supplies Datalogic’s Arex 400 fibre laser marking systems

Laser Lines, a UK supplier of industrial & scientific lasers, accessories and 3D printers, now offers Datalogic’s Arex 400 range of fibre laser marking systems.

Designed to fit in with robotic operations on a production line, the systems are flexible and versatile while having an ultra-compact footprint. The Arex 400 systems have a high-resistance single conduit head connection and the capability to operate at up to 40°C, at 100 per cent power as standard. They are particularly suited sectors where traceability, part ID and brand markings are paramount, such as the automotive market.

The Arex 400 systems now offer an exceptionally small laser head size, which makes them ideal for those who need to integrate a solution into a production line where there is little space. The head is also extremely light and can therfore be held by a simple-to-fit bracket and includes the useful ‘Green-Spot’ feature, which gives the operator a visible feedback on the completion of a successful marking action.

The Datalogic Arex 400 laser controller offers enhanced embedded PC performance and improved connectivity, with low noise operation and washable filters with improved dust and oil protection. Enhanced safety circuitry also makes sure that these systems are suitable for even the most demanding OEM integrations and meet the most stringent safety requirements of modern industry.

Extended repetition rates have also been added to the Datalogic range, making the systems more suitable for marking plastics and heat sensitive materials. The Arex 400 range now comes with IP64 protection and a robust and high strength body design, machined from solid Aluminium.