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Laser marking workstation

Amada Miyachi Europe introduced the LMWS low-cost laser marking workstation, specifically designed for benchtop operation. Versatile and easily configurable, the LMWS is ideal for marking metals, ceramics, and many plastics, and also has cutting, drilling, and welding capabilities. Requiring only minimal workspace, the updated unit is perfect for low volume production and R&D environments in the automotive, medical, aerospace, electronic components, and battery industries.

The fast and precise motorised Z-axis and rotary stage make for easy part adjustment. The spring loaded manual door opens to provide 270-degree access to parts and tooling, and the large viewing window allows for easy mark monitoring. The LMWS is equipped with F-Theta 100mm, 160mm and 254mm lens options for marking various parts and sizes. The LMWS features an optional compact motorised rotary for marking cylindrical parts, as well as an optional programmable Z-axis.

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