Laser Next 2130

Prima Power’s new Laser Next 2130 cutting machine maintains the performance of the previous 1530 model while offering an increased working volume, making it ideal for cutting large hot stamped components.

Laser Next 2130 has a working volume of 3,050 x 2,100 x 612mm with a dynamic and high precision 5m turntable. The system is compact and offers 208m/min trajectory speed and 2.1g acceleration performance. It can be equipped with a 3kW or 4kW high brilliance fibre laser.

Laser Next features Prima Power’s own focusing head, direct drive motors, double protection SIPS and a metallic sensor for safety, focal position control, a compact size and a sealed enclosure for complete protection.

Prima Power has also developed a new fibre laser head with adaptive optics for automatic management of focal position and diameter, and fast, reactive and accurate stand-off measurement. The new head is designed for excellent cutting quality and dynamics on all materials.

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