Laser Photonics upgrades software of hand-operated laser cleaning unit

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Laser Photonics has upgraded the software of its portable, hand-operated laser cleaning unit: CleanTech LPC-200-CTH.

This 200W, multi-pattern laser can vaporise paint, rust, coatings and contaminants in a more eco-friendly way than conventional cleaning processes such as wet chemical etching. Applications in the plastics industry include removing release agents from injection moulds.

With the upgraded software, the cleaning unit now has recipes for different applications. The software also incorporates smart control, allowing the user to select different pulse shapes and oscillating modes to match the task at hand. In contrast to a straight-line laser pattern, this multi-pattern laser can clean moulds without leaving overlap patterns. 

About Laser Photonics Corporation:

For over 35 years, Laser Photonics has been an innovative technology leader in the engineering and manufacturing of world-class Fiber and CO2 Laser material processing equipment for Fortune 1000 companies in various industries. Solutions range from laser cleaning, laser cutting, 3d metal printing, laser engraving, and laser marking offered in standard and custom laser machinery that can be stationary, portable, or incorporated into assembly lines and structures. All machines are built in-house and use the highest quality components available in the market which can make systems last for up to decades and over 100,000 working hours MTBF.







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