Laser Safety Curtain Enclosures

With high power laser systems becoming more accessible to the UK industry base the requirement for appropriate laser safety has never been higher.  With some of these laser systems exceeding the maximum eyewear protection levels, a permanent, higher safety rating installation is required.

Laser Components is pleased to promote its range of laser safety enclosures;  permanent structures which support either a fabric or concertinaed metal curtain designed to block high power laser radiation, enclose laser machines and even whole rooms, and allow other site workers to work without the need for laser safety eyewear.  Having the ability to enclose the laser system instead of providing an entire site with laser safety eyewear provides the largest benefit as other important work is no longer interrupted by poor vision through high specification filters.

To ensure the correct curtain material is used our dedicated laser safety team can calculate which option is most suitable.  Each enclosure contains the required curtains, rails, and mounting brackets for a floor, wall, ceiling, or combination installation.


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