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Laser safety filters and curtains

Laser Components has introduced a new range of laser safety filters designed for use in the 1,400-1,550nm band. According to the company, the eyewear offers superior protection at a reduced weight thanks to their polycarbonate filters. With optical densities of 1,400-1,550nm OD4+ and 1,410-1,510nm OD5+, these filters are a cost effective alternative to glass filters. A polycarbonate filter which provides protection in the 750-1,1200nm range is also available with specifications of 750-1,120nm OD6+ and 800-1,100nm 7+, making it suited to infrared applications.

Laser Components has also announced new distribution rights for the Kentek range of laser containment products certified in accordance with ANSI Z136.1, Z136.7, EN 12254, EN 60825-4, and NFPA-701: 2010 TM2. Products in the range include Flex-Guard curtains and Ever-Guard curtains. The Flex-Guard curtains have a damage threshold rated up to 250W/cm2, while the Ever-Guard curtains are damage threshold rated up to 1,200W/cm2. Both options feature a top edge equipped with steel non-reflective grommets, and complete assembly materials for mounting to the ceiling, wall, floor, a combination of wall/ceiling, or combination of wall/floor. The curtains are also easily integrated with safety interlock systems.

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