Laser safety goggles

Laser safety eyewear is the most important consideration when designing or selling a product which features lasers.  Many of these products use high power lasers to promote operation use in bright environments or for good imaging contrast.  However these high power lasers can be damaging to customers‘ and users‘ eyes.  In the past calculating the laser safety requirement was tedious and tiresome, however Laser Components can ease this by doing the maths for you!

If you have a laser system and believe you need laser safety eyewear to protect your customers, your staff, or your own eyesight call our team of laser safety specialists with your laser information and we can provide the appropriate protection in a variety of comfortable and fashionable styles.

Classic laser safety goggles, over-spectacle, and the sleek wrap-around frames are some of the styles available for you to choose from, for the maximum level of protection and comfort during use.

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