Laserline exhibiting at Schweisstec

As the leading international developer and manufacturer of diode lasers for industrial material processing, Laserline will exhibit at Schweisstec 2017 (7-10 November 2017, Stuttgart, Germany, hall 6, booth 6307) laser systems for joining and cladding applications. The highlight of this exhibition will be the blue diode laser LDM 500-60blue with a 450 nm wavelength and a hitherto unreachable power of 500 Watt. This was developed within the EFFILAS support measure of the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) in close collaboration with OSRAM and other project partners, which has allowed for more effective welding processes of nonferrous metals, especially copper.

Another emphasis of the exhibition will be the LDM 6000-100 diode laser that offers up to 6 kW laser power with only a 7RU big 19” rack mount. It sets a new standard that combines compact design with high output powers, thus paving the way for new possibilities in system integration. Developed for the automobile industry but also of great interest to other applications are the OTS-5 optics with the multi-spot module. These optimize many diode laser joining applications — from triple spot brazing to customer-specific spot solutions. Furthermore, Laserline will also showcase several laser systems from its proven LDF series for joining and cladding applications.

In Stuttgart, numerous exhibits from vastly diverse industries will demonstrate the broad range of applications possible with Laserline's diode lasers. Samples of classic keyhole welding and heat conduction welding can be seen as well as illustrations of the welding of thick-walled steel sheets with a 60 kW diode laser. Area cladding will be represented by exhibits for cladding boiler tube-walls and rotation-symmetric components, 3-D print by additively produced drill bits and plain bearings. For the automotive sector, amongst others, samples for tailored blanks welding, the creation of stitched seams in door areas, as well as brazing roof seams with triple spots will also be exhibited.

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