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LF Series

Amada Miyachi America has introduced its LF Series of fibre lasers specifically designed for precision micro welding. The LF Series lasers can be focused to spot sizes down to 10µm, and offer precise control of pulse width and peak power to control the weld parameters. The lasers are available in either single- or multi-mode options. Typical applications include welding of flexure arms on hard disc drives, medical spring attachment, and medical component assembly.

The LF Series lasers feature an internal air to water cooling mechanism, which ensures power and pulse-to-pulse stability, irrespective of ambient air temperature. They may be operated in either modulated or continuous wave mode, and offer all the features necessary for control of the weld, including pulse shaping with up to 10 segments and seam mode with ramp up and ramp down capabilities. The control interface can be integrated into the laser or provided separately.

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