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Low GDD & high LIDT optics from Edmund Optics

Edmund Optics (EO) now internally manufactures short pulse optics with low group delay dispersion (GDD) and optics with high laser-induced damage threshold (LIDT) specifications out of Edmund Optics Florida, formerly known as Quality Thin Films (QTF).

Low GDD optics minimize chromatic aberration and pulse spreading in ultrafast laser systems, resulting in higher peak powers whilst high LIDT optics help reduce the likelihood of damage and system failure in high-power applications such as laser cutting, drilling and welding.

Metrology of laser optics is critical in ensuring components consistently meet desired specifications and function safely, especially for systems using high-power lasers or where changes in throughput may result in inadequate system performance.

With the acquisition by Edmund Optics, Edmund Optics Florida (formerly Quality Thin Films [QTF]), a leading laser optics manufacturer, does not just design and coat low GDD optics, they can now also provide high sophisticated metrology required to verify the specifications. Customer feedback had shown that the optics performed well, and this can now be confirmed in-house. Edmund Optics uses white light interferometers and an in-house ultrafast laser to measure GDD, allowing measurement of these challenging optics to verify their performance in real environments. Low GDD optics from Edmund Optics Florida are measured before they are shipped, guaranteeing GDD specifications from 250 to 3,200nm within +-10fs2.

Additionally, Edmund Optics Florida’s high LIDT optics such as the Nd:YAG and Yb:YAG Laser Line Mirrors have guaranteed Laser-Induced Damage Thresholds thanks to an in-house laser testing lab. Each laser line coating design is tested to ensure a high LIDT in both continuous wave and pulsed laser operating conditions, providing reliable optical performance and preventing system failure.

Edmund Optics Florida excels in manufacturing a wide variety of laser optics including laser crystals, high laser-induced damage threshold optics, and low GDD optics. Learn more about the facility here and about our laser optics metrology here.

Edmund Optics Florida products are readily available for fast shipping into Europe. Whether you require low GDD or high LIDT mirrors, filters, or other ultrafast optics, Edmund Optics has the manufacturing and metrology technology to create a solution for you.

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