LPKF paper at the Laser Manufacturing Conference available as a TechPaper

Thanks to the reliability of the welding results, laser plastic welding has become established as the technical standard for mass production. Now with a new technology, LPKF is targeting the challenging medical applica-tions sector, and is focusing on researchers and developers with de-manding specifications for the joining technology.

Complex systems with channel cross-sections in the micrometer range are used for fast analysis in a number of fields including food safety, clinical diagnosis, chemical synthesis and biological research.

The high-precision mechanical and optical positioning system in the LPKF PrecisionWeld uses the welding properties of transparent plastics at a laser wavelength of 2 µm. This creates an effective technology for the prototyping and series production of microfluidic components.

The TechPaper describes the technical principles, the design implementa-tion as a laser welding system, and the resulting welding parameters which can then be achieved. The TechPaper can be downloaded free-of-charge on the LPKF website in the Knowledge Center (www.lpkf.com/knowledge-center).


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