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LS Laser Systems and EPP merge to form L-TRIS

The Photonics Systems Group has announced the merger of two Group companies, LS Laser Systems and EPP Electronic Production Partners.

The laser trimming specialists will collectively operate under the name L-TRIS. Markus Nicht will continue in his current role as CEO of the Photonics Systems Group.

The former standalone companies have more than 25 years of combined expertise in laser technology, specialising in laser trimming systems for the electronics and semiconductor markets. EPP Electronic Production Partners joined the Photonics Systems Group in November 2019, following the earlier acquisition of LS Laser Systems in January. The aim of merger is to boost synergies in process development, service and distribution going forward.

EPP Electronic Production Partners had previously operated exclusively as a distributor prior to the merger. Now, under the new L-TRIS corporate brand, it will also carry out development and production. In addition to this, the merged company will increase its focus on the new capabilities unlocked by pooling expertise, on making more efficient use of existing infrastructures and resources, and on adding greater value. All the while, it will continue to focus on the development of customised laser solutions for industrial customers in the high-tech sector.

The long-term goal is to position L-TRIS as the world’s leading manufacturer of laser systems for trimming circuits and wafers. Whereas LS Laser Systems and EPP Electronic Production Partners have primarily operated in Europe, the aim is for the new brand to gain a name for itself outside of Europe and establish a presence in both Asia and the US.

“We believe the merger is the right response from a strategic perspective to both current and future challenges facing our sector. By supplying specialised software solutions and through the digital networking of our systems, we can help our customers create the industrial world of tomorrow,” states Markus Nicht, CEO of the Photonics Systems Group. “The merger further underscores our one-brand strategy, also by having everything under one roof.”

The Photonics Systems Group is taken steps to further consolidate its operations through the merger of the two companies under the new L-TRIS corporate brand. As the final step in the consolidation process, all Group companies will be moving to a newly built facility they will share on Pionierstrasse 7 in Krailling, Germany, in the autumn of 2021.

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