LS5 and LC5

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With creation of the LS5 system, BLM GROUP – market leader in metal tube processing – can also boast extensive sheet cutting expertise. The LS5’s high-range functionality, performance and modular concept implementation all allow for unexpected configurations. One example is the automatic tube processing line which may be connected to the LS5 to make an LC5, a powerful sheet and tube laser cutting system. Modularity, compact layout, ease of use, extreme automation and next-generation technology characterize both the LS5 and LC5, offering an unique laser cutting solution which is imitated worldwide.

The LS5 and the LC5 are compact because they integrate the electronic components aboard the machine, reducing the footprint and installation time. They are ergonomic with broad access to the working area, easy to use, modular and versatile with a range of optional modules. The systems are interconnected and capable of interfacing with other machines and with the production management system in Industry 4.0 perspective.

The industry of the future

Being able to communicate with other systems in the manufacturing process and with the production management system, sophisticated process sensors which control the various system functions and remarkably advanced control software: these features place the LS5 and the LC5 firmly among enabling technologies ahead of the generational leap that the manufacturing world is experiencing on the way toward Industry 4.0.

Process automation and system integration in the customer's production system are also the result of modularity, which allow the system to grow with the customer's manufacturing needs. The LS5 and LC5 offer very interesting opportunities from this point of view, with automatic loading/unloading modules and sheet storage. The tube processing line can be installed later to expand production capabilities and the degree of autonomy and automation of the system.


Multiple versions of the LS5 and LC5 for sheet cutting, from 1500x3000 mm to 2000x6000 mm, are available with the possibility of fitting longitudinal or transversal pallet changer systems.

A complete range of automation systems, including loading/unloading systems and/or tower pallet storage systems, are available for all. The configuration with pallet store integrated over the pallet change level proves very effective. The resulting system has virtually unlimited autonomy but with the size of a simple automatic loading/unloading system.


The LC5 implements the same concepts successfully applied on BLM GROUP lasertube machines to obtain the best cutting results and performance. The LC5 works with tubes of diameter up to 120 mm. Starting from tube bundles, the system automatically loads and processes each piece and unloads the finished parts.

The tube processing module and the sheet processing part are mutually autonomous. The two share just the laser cutting head. The tube processing module has its own operator panel, which controls the entire system during tube processing. Two panels mean very simple management from the system point of view and extremely fast change over from one job to the other.

Combined systems

A laser system capable of cutting tubes and sheets allows manufacturers to gain a footing on two different and separate markets with a single system. Workshops can reach out to new customers, and OEMs no longer need to outsource prototyping and making their products.

The ability to switch rapidly from one job to another, combined with accuracy, high quality, automation and speed are the elements which characterise the LC5, making it truly unique. The LS5 goes beyond the concept of a sheet cutting system which can "also" process tubes or vice versa, by providing two physically separate, modular systems combined in one, capable of operating at top level for cutting metal sheets and tubes which share a laser cutting focusing head, controlling it as required.


The LS5 and the LC5 are available with CO2 laser sources of power to 4.5 kW or fiber laser sources of power up to 6kW. Process reliability and cutting quality are guaranteed by a comprehensive cutting parameter database which collects years of practical field experience.

The 6kW laser source is available with a zoom head for adapting the beam features to the needs of the material and to exploit the potentialities offered by high power to the fullest. The fully automated nozzle changer is a useful help when very high levels of automation are needed and pallet stores are used for unmanned cycle operation. The centering assist function is useful, simple and reliable. Operators are relieved from the burden of approximation or inaccuracy when checking nozzle centring, this being a crucial step for good cutting quality.