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Lumentum introduces FemtoBlade laser system

Lumentum has added a new femtosecond laser system to its portfolio of high-precision ultrafast industrial lasers – the FemtoBlade.

The FemtoBlade laser employs a modular design that provides increased flexibility and high power at high repetition rates which will enable faster processing and improved throughput for micromachining applications, including OLED, PCB, ceramic and glass cutting, engraving, and solar cell processing.

"The FemtoBlade will differentiate Lumentum based on its higher power, providing greater throughput for our customers," said Yvette Just, Lumentum Product Line Manager for Commercial Lasers. "Our new advanced model enables faster processing time while still providing excellent processing quality."

Based on its rich history of producing reliable ultrafast lasers, Lumentum applies the same level of quality to the FemtoBlade and its ability to provide high pulse-to-pulse stability and long-term output power stability. Available in UV, IR, and green wavelengths, the FemtoBlade can be ordered with powers ranging from 12W to 50W of UV, up to 200W of IR, or up to 100W of green. FemtoBlade incorporates previous Lumentum ultrafast laser features with added benefits, including: 

  • FlexBurst and MegaBurst - provides the ability to split the energy at a higher power of a single pulse (single pulse mode) into a group of pulses (burst mode)
  • AccuTrig - provides accurate triggering function for "on-the-fly" processing capabilities
  • SYNC - enables precise timing control for applications benefitting from the increased productivity achieved with high-speed galvo or line scanners

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