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Markem-Imaje launches SmartLase C600 CO2 laser marker

Markem-Imaje, a global provider of end-to-end supply chain solutions and industrial marking and coding systems, has launched the SmartLase C600 60W CO2 laser marker.

Designed with speed and reliability, the SmartLase C600 is the fastest and most powerful CO2 laser in Markem-Imaje's range. It delivers high-quality, chemical-free, permanent coding and indelible marking to protect against counterfeiting on a variety of surfaces including PET bottles, glass, labels, confectionery labels, flexible films, inked paper/carton, and coated metals.

The SmartLase C600 has been engineered to perform to the highest standards in the most demanding packaging lines - even with the increasing complexity of 1D and 2D codes. With very limited maintenance needs, the C600 reduces operational expenses (OPEX) through fewer line stoppages and no added costs for expensive consumables or external cooling. Meanwhile, chemical-free production helps businesses meet sustainability compliance goals.

'The new SmartLase C600 is our most advanced CO2 laser coder,' said Adam Krolak, Product Marketing Manager at Markem-Imaje. 'It is fast and rugged while also delivering when it comes to safety, simplicity and sustainability. Future-proofed and industry 4.0-ready, it can handle even the most challenging packaging lines while also cutting OPEX. The SmartLase C600 is perfectly placed to power up your production while also bringing down your costs.'

Industry 4.0-optimised and with a variety of industrial interfaces such as Ethernet/IP, PROFINET, NGPCL and full-featured CoLOS software support, the SmartLase C600 enables advanced packaging intelligence. Once integrated, the intuitive user interface delivers an increase of up to 20% in operating efficiency.

With a complete IP55-compliant controller and printhead, the SmartLase C600 meets the high standard of safety per ISO 13849-1 up to Performance Level PLe.

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