MC Machinery announces GX-F Advanced Series of AI-enabled fibre lasers

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The new GX-F Advanced Series of artificial intelligence-enabled fibre lasers, designed by Mitsubishi engineers and built with major Mitsubishi components, is one of the only laser systems in the industry with a single source for service and support. Intuitive AI technology makes the GX-F Advanced Series easy to use for operators of all skill levels – especially valuable because of the ongoing shortage of skilled manufacturing workers.

By integrating the most advanced gas reduction technology, the new GX-F Advanced Series delivers more power while using up to 77 per cent less nitrogen.

“Not only does the GX-F Advanced Series require much less operator input because of its AI technology, it uses less nitrogen to lower operating costs and maximise profitability,” said MC Machinery North American Sales Manager for Fabrication Shane Herendeen. “This is truly a game-changer for metalworking companies of all sizes.”

The new lasers offer:

  • High processing stability with superior beam-quality consistency
  • Beam cleaning and anti-reflection technologies
  • Faster and more stable processing
  • Reduced operator input
  • No setup time between materials
  • Lower operating cost translates into higher profitability
  • Longer consumables life
  • No material-surface scratching
  • Optimised cutting speed
  • On-site or remote monitoring of cutting process
  • Reduced piercing time

Key features of the GX-F Advanced Series include:

  • AI-assisted cutting
  • Augmented reality with drop and cut, part rotation, and rectangular nesting
  • User-friendly, smartphone-like controls
  • Real-time tracking of electric and assist gas consumption
  • Advanced gas reduction technology (AGR-eco)
  • Real-time on-site and remote monitoring of the cutting process
  • Remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance
  • Mitsubishi-designed automated zoom head
  • Automated nozzle changer

To significantly reduce setup time, the Mitsubishi zoom head delivers speed and flexibility by automatically changing the beam size, shape, and focal point for each material, with the ability to process plates with a wide range of thicknesses. Piercing time is reduced by as much as 60 per cent, making it possible to pierce 25-mm-thick mild steel within 0.8 seconds.

Mitsubishi’s proprietary AI technology monitors the cutting process in real-time with audio and light sensors, automatically adjusting parameters to optimise cutting performance.

  • If a bad cut is detected, the machine will make the required adjustments to improve or regain the cut. It also can optimise the cutting speed in all plates, no matter the plate quality.
  • The AI nozzle monitor uses a camera system to monitor nozzle life and the nozzle changer automatically replaces defective nozzles to support continuous processing.

The GX-F Advanced Series can be easily integrated with a wide variety of automation systems that increase productivity and reliability, including material storage, material loading, material removal, and part sorting.







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