MPS product family

Rofin has expanded its MPS product family of multi-purpose workstations.

The MPS Compact has a small footprint of 800 mm wide. It can accommodate various fibre-coupled Rofin laser sources and comes with a scanner head and a motorised z-axis.  An x- and y-axis can be added optionally, typically for fixed optic applications. Laser sources and supply units are accommodated in an industry-standard 19 inch rack.

The MPS Rotary is the new rotary table solution. Based on the same components as the company’s original MPS Flexible system, it features a solid rotary table with 800mm diameter. Partition heights of 150 or 300 mm can be configured, the standard setup includes a motorised z-axis, and an x-axis is available as an option.

The MPS Advanced offers a large working envelope with 1000mm travel in x-direction and 600mm travel in y-direction. It's optionally available with sliding doors for crane loading of bulky and/or heavy parts. There is a choice of two granite-based precision and high-precision motion systems with up to two micron repeat accuracy. The wide working chamber and the huge x-travel even allow a set-up with two direct beam laser sources.

 Each MPS system can be tailored according to customer’s specific requirements.


By Dave MacLellan, Executive Director, AILU


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