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New CO2 laser optics with higher focal lengths permit deeper stone etching

Laser Research Optics has introduced a wide range of drop-in replacement CO2 laser optics that feature higher focal lengths for use in 400W to 1kW lasers to permit deeper etching cuts.

The CO2 optics feature 4.0" to 7.5" focal lengths and are available in 0.75" and 1.5" diameter sizes to provide deeper cuts for popular monument, sign, and stone etching lasers. Designed for drop-in field replacement in 400W to 1kW lasers, these optics are manufactured to ISO-10110 specifications for optical elements.

In-stock for Kern, Trotec, Universal, and Vytek lasers, the CO2 optics are supplied in plane-parallel configurations and include zero phase-, phase lock-, rear mirrors, output couplers, and phase retarders. Mirrors are made from mirror-grade single crystal silicon and have an enhanced silver coat for 99.6% minimum reflectance at 10.6 microns.

The CO2 optics for popular monument, sign and stone etching lasers are priced according to size and type; with 24-hours delivery.

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