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New F-theta Lens for UV Micro Material Processing

Jenoptik has added another UV lens to its JENar F-theta range for laser material processing: the new fused silica F-theta lens for 355-nanometer applications, with a focal length of 56 millimeters and a scan field of 22 millimeters. Depending on the application, the optics allow very small spot diameters up to 4.5 microns. The lens is specifically designed for use in micro material processing and for ultra-short pulse applications.

The F-theta lens range from Jenoptik fulfills the requirements of almost all standard methods for micro and macro material laser processing. Jenoptik’s F-theta Silverline series lenses are extremely robust and have a high damage threshold.

The adhesive-free mounting technology and assembly of the lenses in a certified clean room help to ensure that all lenses are highly durable and free from contamination. Jenoptik ensures its high quality standards by testing and measuring each lens individually. For applications which require a lens change due to product or process requirements, it is possible to replace the F-theta lenses without major adjustments to the laser system.

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