New thermopile sensors enable laser power measurement up to 6kW

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Coherent has extended the capabilities of its PowerMax series thermopile sensors to enable measurement of laser powers as high as 6kW. The new PM1K+, PM3K+ and PM6K+ water-cooled, thermopile sensors incorporate the novel BB+ broadband coating to deliver reliable power measurements of CW or modulated lasers up to 1 kW, 3 kW, and 6 kW in output power respectively, within the spectral range of 190 nm to 11 μm.

The ability to sustain high power densities (≤14kW/cm² at 1kW, and ≤2.3kW/cm² at 6kW), together with a large, 50 mm diameter active area, makes these new PM series sensors particularly useful for measuring fiber lasers, CO2 lasers, and other high power industrial laser sources. Additionally, each of the sensors is available with three possible connectors - DB25, USB and RS-232. The DB25 versions are compatible with several of the Coherent standalone power meters, including LabMax-TOP, LabMax - TO, LabMax-Pro SSIM, FieldMaxII-TOP, FieldMaxII-TO, FieldMaxII-P, and FieldMate, making them a suitable choice for both laboratory use and field service. The USB equipped models plug directly into a PC, which is most useful in manufacturing, QA and testing applications, particularly where data logging is required. Finally, the RS-232 versions are primarily targeted for embedded OEM integration, since these can plug directly into an industrial system controller. Then, the sensor can be controlled via direct host commands or through applications software included with the sensor.







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