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Next Scan Technology to become Scanlab BV

Next Scan Technology (NST) is being integrated into the Scanlab Group and being renamed Scanlab BV.

The move is a result of TecInvest Holding AG, the parent company of both Scanlab GmbH and Next Scan Technology BVBA, realigning its organization in the polygon scanner segment.

Scanlab's sales team will handle product marketing and customer service, allowing the Next Scan Technology team of developers in Belgium to focus exclusively on further evolution of its polygon scanners. 

Polygon scan systems are renowned for their extremely high scan speeds, and are particularly well suited to line-by-line, flat laser processing of diverse materials. By using polygon scanners industrial productivity can be sped up in applications such as micro-structuring of touchscreens and solar cells or processing of electronic components.

The polygon scanner segment is a future-oriented field which, due to its technological complexity, places high demands on sales and development. In order to bundle resources and better meet individual customer needs in the future, TecInvest Holding has chosen to consolidate its capabilities in this segment. The former NST polygon competence center will be integrated into the Scanlab Group. 

"I can see only advantages in the reorganization of the polygon scanner business. We can now process specific customer inquiries more quickly and effectively, and our technology experts are free to concentrate fully on the technical side of things," explained Dr Holger Schlüter, Head of Business Development at Scanlab GmbH and the new contact for polygon scanners.

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