The Nova 1000

Spectrum Technologies has announced its latest new product, the Nova 1000. The system is a high speed, in-line UV laser marking unit designed specifically for wire and cable manufacturers for printing their proprietary identification codes onto wire and cable insulations during manufacture of their products. 

The system is suitable for integration into new or existing production lines and contains a precision wire guiding system that enables the wire to run in either direction. Nova 1000 may be integrated in-line for marking during wire and cable production or may be integrated with a suitable pay-off and take up system for marking wire and cable off-line.

The Spectrum designed proprietary Nova software allows the programming of marking zones, including a succession of numbers, letters and symbols to create a repetitive mark along the length of the wire or cable. Software options allow the system to lay down incremental length markings, as well as the ability to mark True-type fonts, logos and images.

The throughput speed of the unit is dictated by the line it is integrated with but can typically mark wires at speeds up to 105 metres per minute, depending on the font size and type chosen. Encoder wheels ensure accurate mark spacing.



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