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Novanta introduces Dart 8 picosecond laser

Novanta has introduced the Dart 8 picosecond laser. Designed for micromachining, the laser delivers exceptional beam quality, including beam roundness of more than 93% across 2 Rayleigh lengths, ensuring clean and precise material processing.

Engineered by Laser Quantum and ARGES, two leading brands within Novanta, the Dart 8 picosecond laser is configured for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the micromachining field and is designed to deliver market leading performance with consistency from laser to laser. The Dart’s compact size enables it to be easily integrated into customers’ new and existing platforms, mounted either vertically or horizontally, providing flexibility and ease of integration.

“We’ve worked with customers at every stage of the laser’s development to ensure it meets their demanding applications,” said Rebecca Wilson, product manager. “From the exceptional beam roundness through to compact size and rugged design, the Dart is ideal for processing an array of materials and is designed to deliver the highest degree of reliability when cutting complex and precise structure, making the Dart a cut above the rest.”

Continued Rebecca: “We understand that minimizing downtime is a key consideration for OEMs and with remote monitoring to troubleshoot issues, the Dart laser provides our customers with confidence in a quick upturn whilst minimizing costs associated with unnecessary field service.” 

Novanta collaborates with customers to develop sub-system solutions suitable for a wide range of material processing applications that require high quality and high throughput. The Dart picosecond laser is compatible with the Novanta portfolio of scan heads to maximise optical parameters and throughput whilst maintaining precision.

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