Nuburu's AO-150 blue laser nominated for Prism Award

NUBURU's innovative 150-Watt blue laser, the AO-150, has been nominated for the prestigious Prism Award. "It is a great honor to have NUBURU nominated along with the many excellent innovators in this year's Prism Award program," expressed Mark Zediker, CEO of NUBURU. NUBURU's modular design combines individual 450-nanometer diode lasers to produce unprecedented blue output power in a high-quality optical beam. The output wavelength of the laser matches the absorption curves for several common metals, enabling both quantitative and qualitative enhancement in materials processing applications.

Initial Applications

The AO-150 showcases its ability in copper welding. Prior to the introduction of the AO-150, copper welding required high infrared laser intensity, which led to por quality welds. The AO-150 takes advantage of copper's nearly 65 percent absorption at blue wavelengths - a ten times improvement over the infrared. This order of magnitude improvement in absorption leads directly to significant improvements in weld quality and processing speed.

NUBURU's combination of high output power, blue wavelength, and excellent beam quality open up entirely new ranges of applications, such as welding copper foils for Li:ion batteries, additive manufacturing with copper and gold materials and welding of dissimilar materials such as copper to aluminum and copper to stainless steel. Following the initial offering of the AO-150, NUBURU plans to expand the AO product line to higher power levels for welding and cutting thicker materials.

The Prism Award

Prism Award recognition was established ten years ago by SPIE and Photonics Media, a brand of Laurin Publishing. The prestigious Award has been called "the Oscars of the photonics industry." The AO-150 is one of three finalists in the Material Processing & Additive Manufacturing Category. The winners of the Prism Awards are to be announced during a gala celebration on January 31, 2018, in conjunction with SPIE's Photonics West Conference and Exhibition.

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