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Oerlikon’s new laser cladding centre now operational

Oerlikon Metco Coating Services has announced that its new laser cladding service centre is fully operational in Huntersville, North Carolina, USA. 

As communicated by the furn last year, Oerlikon would expand its existing world-class additive manufacturing facility to include laser cladding and thermal spray services; thereby implementing a service “super center” under one roof and allowing the company to conveniently offer “Print & Coat” parts.

Laser cladding services are now fully operational at this facility with the ability to offer O.D. and I.D. coatings, as well as laser hardening, pre- and post-machining and inspection services.

The facility is well-equipped to handle a wide range of parts, with a maximum part weight of 15,000 lb (6,800 kg), maximum part length of 480 in (12,192 mm). Outside diameters up to 96 in (2438 mm), as well as inside diameters from 2 in to 120 in (50.8 mm to 3048 mm) can be processed.

Experienced personnel at the Huntersville location and the company’s long history of laser cladding solution development will serve the aerospace, energy and automotive markets, among others.

'Laser cladding is increasingly an important process in the services that Oerlikon, through Oerlikon Metco Coating Services, can offer. We are therefore excited to see this new facility now in operation and already serving our customers,' stated Thomas Meier, global head of sales for Metco Coating Services.

The substantial investment at the Huntersville facility, along with a recent significant investment in new, leading edge laser cladding equipment at the company’s Wohlen, Switzerland facility, clearly punctuates the importance of laser cladding to the overall coating service strategy. In addition, the company continues to develop new materials optimized for the laser cladding process.

In addition to the laser cladding expansion at Huntersville, thermal spray coating equipment is currently being installed and planned to be operational at the same location at the end of Q1 2022.

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