Origami – XP

Onefive has released the Origami – XP high energy femtosecond laser in a new single-box, air-cooled design. The laser now comes as an all-in-one solution with the laser head, controller, and air-cooling system integrated in one box.

Whilst being as small as 280 x 498 x 155mm the XP only weights 30kg. It provides flexible repetition rate from single-shot to 1MHz and comes with real-time pulse energy measurement and control, especially designed for demanding high-precision applications. Pulse sequences with arbitrary energy can be programmed.

The laser is based on the unique low-noise ultra-stable Origami femtosecond seed laser. A simple and compact chirped pulse amplification system allows reaching 60µJ pulse energy, 4W average power and pulse duration below 400fs and operates with a centre wavelength of 1,030nm.

The laser can be completely controlled by RS232 and CAN. The system comes with removable handles, offers through hole mounting and contains precise mechanical reference planes for simple drop-in applications.

The Origami-XP has been developed to offer a compact single-box, cost-effective and long lasting product. It has been especially designed for several industrial applications, micro-machining, medical devices, pharmaceutical industry, nano-surgery, and semi-conductor testing.

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