PE9-ES-C pyroelectric sensor

Ophir Photonics has launched the PE9-ES-C high sensitivity pyroelectric laser energy sensor, which measures laser energies as low as 50nJ and at high repetition rates up to 10kHz. It features a spectral range operating from 150nm to 12µm.

The PE9-ES-C is for low energy, short pulse YAG and harmonic generation applications, as well as low energy, long pulse lasers. It features an 8mm active aperture area and supports pulse widths to 20µs. A user-adjustable threshold prevents false readings.  

Users are provided with information about the laser being tested including pulse energy, average power, frequency, minimum and maximum values, missing pulses, and standard deviation. Pulse energies can be displayed numerically or in graphs. Up to 250,000 points of data can be stored in memory and can be sent to a computer for analysis and storage.

The PE9-ES-C works with most Ophir smart displays or PC interfaces. Each display features a ‘smart connector’ interface that automatically configures and calibrates the display when plugged into one of the company's measurement sensors.


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