Photonic Professional GT 3D printer

Nanoscribe's 3D printer Photonic Professional GT enables fast and highest-resolution manufacturing of 3D micro-objects with heights up to the millimeter range as well as maskless lithography. Almost arbitrarily complex shaped polymer structures with finest feature sizes in the sub-micrometer range are achieved by means of two-photon polymerization. Ultra-short laser pulses polymerize photosensitive materials in the laser focus. The systems of the market and technology leader pave the way in science and industry for a wide field of novel applications e.g. in photonics, micro-optics, microfluidics, and life sciences. Subsequent independent processes enable the transfer and/or replication of polymeric 3D printed templates into a large choice of materials, including metals and semiconductors.


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Matthew Dale explores some of the latest technology for manipulating and measuring the beam, including a multi-spot optical module for laser brazing and a contactless beam analysis device


Moving to very high power lasers for welding metals, like aluminium in car production, has some big benefits, as Greg Blackman finds out

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