Photonics Systems Group acquires LS Laser Systems

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Photonics Systems Group, a manufacturer of laser machines for micro-material processing, and owner of Innolas Solutions, has acquired LS Laser Systems, a provider of laser solutions for marking, trimming and micro processing. 

With its expertise in laser-trimming, LS Laser Systems will complement the Photonics Systems' technology portfolio perfectly, create growth potential and synergies in the electronics business, and bring the group closer to customers. At the same time, the takeover is an ideal succession solution for the current owners of LS Laser Systems, who want to withdraw from the company in the medium term. The name LS Laser Systems GmbH will be kept.

LS Laser Systems has an excellent reputation with customers worldwide as a reliable and highly productive partner for laser technology with top quality standards. The company has set new benchmarks, above all in the development and production of active and passive laser trimming systems. This special micro-material processing technology perfectly complements Photonics Systems Group's product range. The group’s CEO Markus Nicht is convinced that this is the right move for the future: “The laser-trimming process will continue to gain importance. LS Laser Systems has an outstanding reputation in the market, making it well-positioned to benefit from this potential.”

Growth and international expansion

Acquiring LS Laser Systems allows Photonics Systems Group to create synergies and new opportunities for growth in the electronics business. With the expanded product portfolio, it will be able to offer a broader range of solutions to its global customer base. The group will also strengthen its worldwide distribution and service network. The owners are seeking above-average growth in the coming years for LS Laser Systems as well as the entire group. Alongside organic growth, Photonics Systems Group is planning to gain access to new end markets through further add-on acquisitions.

Ideal succession solution

In selling LS Laser Systems, current owners Maximilian Zöpfl, Werner Senser, and Alfons Bimsner are securing the future of their company, including its employees and established brand. “LS Laser Systems will be able to serve its global customer base even better as part of Photonics Systems Group. The greater production capacity will allow us to meet the growing demand for our products,” explains Maximilian Zöpfl. The three former owners will retain their operative roles in the company in the medium term so as to ensure continuity before withdrawing on account of their age.







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