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Photonics West: IPG launches deep UV lasers for micromachining

IPG Photonics has launched three deep ultraviolet (deep UV) lasers for numerous industries and micromachining applications at Photonics West this week. 

The lasers feature non-linear crystals that offer longer life and a more robust, flexible solution over lasers using conventional frequency conversion materials.

Deep UV lasers enable manufacturers in the electronics, display, semiconductor and medical industries to seek ever-greater precision for their tools and processes, while maintaining established industrial standards for reliability and uptime.

The three new lasers are:

  1. A 3W continuous-wave, single-frequency fibre laser at 266nm designed for inspection, photolithography, FBG writing, disk remastering and spectroscopy applications
  2. A 5W nanosecond pulsed fiber laser at 266nm with up to 2µJ pulses at 1.5ns, designed for micro-cutting, drilling, texturing, marking and selective material removal on challenging materials such as glass, diamond and Teflon
  3. A 5W picosecond pulsed fiber laser at 257nm with up to 5 µJ pulses at 1ps, designed for micro-cutting, drilling and selective material removal for PCBs, flex circuits, LEDs and flat panel display applications

The fibre-based architectures of IPG’s new deep UV lasers provide an easy-to-integrate, compact, lightweight optical head tethered to the compact laser source. The small, flexible form-factors are ideal for micromachining and materials processing workstation integration.

“Our success pushing Deep UV lasers to new reliable power frontiers is enabled by IPG’s proprietary non-linear crystal technology which is both more robust and flexible than conventional frequency conversion materials,” said Trevor Ness, SVP Worldwide Sales and Strategic Business Development. “These lasers are further examples of IPG innovation that deliver new capabilities and flexibility for our customers to improve current processing techniques and enable new industry applications.”

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