Polygon scanner mirrors and high-power optics

The II-VI Infrared Division has introduced precision polygon scanner mirrors and a line of optics designed for 10kW class fibre and direct diode lasers.

The scanner mirrors address the facet geometry, flatness and roughness requirements for next generation fast scanning systems. II-VI Infrared offers several polygon scanner mirror designs, including prismatic, pyramidal and irregular polygons. The mirrors are available in a full range of sizes, shapes and substrate materials with dimensions up to 300mm and facet angle tolerances up to 2 arc seconds.

The new line of 1µm optics for 10kW class lasers is made from low-absorbing fused silica substrates. The optics have lower than λ/10 of surface irregularity and less than 1nm of roughness. With a high performance proprietary IBS coating, they achieve less than 10ppm of total absorption loss. The 10kW optics are available in complex shapes used in high power beam shaping applications such as aspheres, axicons and high aspect ratio lenses.

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